Pride and Prejudice MBC : Introduction

Credit from MBC

I was reluctant to watch at first,but at the same time curious.Firstly it uses Pride and Prejudice from Jane Austen which is a great book and personal favourite (and thus may feel insulted unless it’s a modern or sageuk adaption),but at the same time curious.I must admit Choi Jin Hyuk is my first choice for Darcy if a literal adaption is being made.So I watch the first ep and found it more and more entertaining and enjoyable.

Well I must warn you ,in spite of being a spoiler,that romance won’t be as much as an average kdrama .Not the type where no romance is purely due to audience even when there’s evident chemistry, but if you are the type who thinks Special Ten,Vampire Prosecutor is fine despite of little romance,or fine with those little hints of romance in Shonen literature ,or enjoys romance being served as side dish,please read on :

Credit Wikimedia.Romance as Korean drama sidedish


You are fine with cases interrelated witn politics and power play(which is almost absent in special ten)

The story is more on characters and their motives.

If thats the case you will enjoy it.

The casts performance are excellent,especially Choi Jin Hyuk.His performance is very realistic,very natural.Every emotion has different facial emotion,looks and eye movement.He’s an actor that knew how to convey things without saying too much.

One warning though I think the names are confusing to those that are not familiar with Asian names ,as lots of names will get thrown around  alot.

I will try to recap P & P in my blog.

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