Misaeng Special Ep1 Thoughts and highlights

Misaeng Special is an interview on how an actor is selected,how the actor potrays his or her role .Well sounds like those BTS which most people won’t bother to watch unless you are a die hard fan ?Actually no.

The strength in Misaeng is not just its story line but its ability to turn each character as though it is real.For that reason Team 2 which is supposed to be a background character(s) but it comes to life in Misaeng. Another interesting point is you’ll see interviews with not just Jang Geu Rae but pretty much most of the actors.

It also provides us some thoughts on our baddies.Two particular quotes stood out to me:

I played one of the three baddies, Mr Choi

From Mr Choi actor

When I was drinking bear in a bar,young people doesn’t approaches me at all.It’s older women who will approach me and say

“Please don’t mistreat Young Yi would you?”

From Mr Ma Actor.I was laughing very hard when I saw this.Epic!

Acting wise I think Im Si Wan is nothing short of brilliancy,and I’ve been thanking the Stars/Gods etc for not casting the main guy in Secret Door which would be a train wreck.Other supporting has been brilliant too.The best veteran actor is probably Mr Choi who potrays him with such a brilliancy especially when Choi is a very calm “bad” guy.

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