Credits from Susanne Nilsson https://www.flickr.com/photos/infomastern/

Well I switched job around last year January, and been since very busy in my new job. So I wandered around when I was free, and free time for me is very short. And oh yeah losing weight takes up most of my time.

I still watches Korean Drama. I watched Master’s Sun, and I dont regret it one bit :P. Occasionally. I like the premises of Oh My Venus, but sometimes plain romances bores me unless its crime/other things going on as main dish. Seeing the same villain with another drama just screams boredom for me. Perhaps that’s why Mater’s Sun so attractive for me.

So here I am. I am watching Signal, and Jo Jin Woong is a revelation. A good actor convinces you its actually happening rather than the audience trying to convince themselves. I am on Jessica Jones and it sometimes does feels that the main character does struggles sometimes with that. She’s not a bad actor, but it feels off at times.

Credit BBC America http://www.bbcamerica.com/shows/broadchurch/extras/sneak-peek-gallery

But I am so impressed with David Tennant. That guy could portray a tree and he will be entirely believable, and I do see now why everybody is so fascinated with him.  His Scottish accent( he’s Scottish btw, does he convinces them to let him speak in his native accent?) is such a joy to listen to (“Bloody Twitter”). Olivia Coleman too.So I binge watched 2 seasons of Broadchurch( season 2 I have to rewatch due to I was in a half sleeping mode), bought the official novel and marvel at the casting. The casting is so good. Even an unlikable character has such layers to their characters, and has  a feeling that he/she is human. Olivia Coleman has such a character, and at no point you feel off for her.  That’s what I feel a bit off for Jessica Jones. She’s not a bad actor, we do not need a great actor, but something definitely is off. Oh and Andrew Buchanan is an excellent young father, and the actress portraying his wife has such a good knack of natural emotions.And thanks for Apple Music, now I have Olafur’s excellent Broadchurch OST. I’ll recap both, but in another post.

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