Intro – Designated Survivor 60 days


One of the underrated aspects of Designated Survivor is on soundtrack, sound mixing and colour palette.

For the intro itself, I love that the intro contains hints to the male lead, Park Mu Jin character, and his background (notice the intro above contains mathematical equations and vectors), as well as this below where he is seen  reading (with someone else =besides a car).

A good intro implies rather than outright showing. Here it implies he has a studious and mundane life, and the soundtrack remains one-noted.

intro pmj.PNG

Then the intro alludes to the part where he witness the incident. Great choice on using red as background and the soundtrack did not turn bombastic here…


Until here, a kid passing the light in the dark, a symbolism of hope


I am not sure why I write so much about the intro – but its so well done for me to ignore such a gem.

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